Long Awaited Nutcracker

Elise has been asking to go see The Nutcracker ballet pretty much since she has been able to talk. I worried that she was still too young at three but she batted her eyes and smiled with that cute little dimple. So I sat her down on youtube to watch a full-length Nutcracker ballet to test it out. She loved it! I bought the two of us tickets hoping that she would first of all last through it and secondly enjoy it. She was perfect!! It was so much fun to enjoy something girly with her. We painted nails and got on our Christmas dresses. Elise requested a ballerina bun with a princess crown. I love having a daughter. This will definitely be a yearly tradition.

We met my dad, Mona and Isabella for lunch at Panera. She threw a fit about holding my hand and I really hoped I hadn't made a mistake taking her.

All was fine once she saw the ballerina sculptures and the huge, beautiful theatre.

We got there a little early and she stole the program from me and flipped through it until the start.

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