This was one of my favorite Christmas experiences ever. It was imperfect because I threw it together very last minute and I was exhausted because Grey had been throwing up the entire night before. But it is an experience I will always hold close to my heart. It was supposed to be our whole family but with Grey being sick, I just took Elise. I invited some ward & family members to join us and was touched by the amount of people who came. We went to a very humble nursing care facility in downtown Denver to sing Christmas carols and pass out candy canes and hugs. My eyes filled with tears on a few occasions. I loved having the chance to sing about Jesus Christ's birth to some people who tend to be forgotten and have little or no family and friends at all. A lot of them were not mentally lucid, but they did their best to sing along and one was even drumming to the beat. I was overcome with the recognition that these men and women are children of God and grateful to be able to share His love with them.

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