Christmas Countdown

Every year I create a Christmas Countdown with some sort of activity or gift every day of December until Christmas. This year the Parade of Lights downtown happened to fall on Dec. 1st so I thought it would be a perfect beginning to our countdown. I had such high expectations and my nerves were frazzled from the stress that I almost (almost) left in tears. I made the mistake of watching it on tv the night before and I was so excited for the kids to see everything. I knew exactly what we were missing.

We left super early with plenty of time but it was so crowded that we walked around never finding anywhere to see the parade other than the really tall floats. Then some lady was yelling about me because my stroller tipped over and accidentally brushed her leg. This was at the same point that Jared had Grey (who is 60 lbs by the way) on his shoulders while I had Elise on one shoulder and Cole lifted as high as possible on my other shoulder. Luckily the kids still had a blast and luckily this was the low point of the activities and I brought jelly beans to share so that always makes things a little bit better.

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