Lights, lights, lights!

Jared's birthday fell on a Sunday this year in addition to it being the ward Christmas program in which I sang a duet in the choir and in a trio. I was slightly preoccupied. And Jared didn't get home from church until almost 4. So I made him some yummy birthday brownies with frosting because I was missing ingredients for a cake and had him open his presents. Grey wrapped up some money for him. Whenever I ask Grey what he wants to give daddy, his answer is always money!

We had some yummy dinner, sang to Jared, climbed in our pajamas and drove around town looking at Christmas lights. We started in downtown Littleton and made our way around to some pretty awesome displays. There was one they really wanted to get out and see so we quickly got out in our PJ's and no coats to look at the display. Looking at lights is one of my favorite things about the holidays.

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