Merry Christmas!

Feeling a little sad that the Christmas season is over. It is my favorite time of year. But I have been itching to get the tree down and everything cleaned up and organized. Anyone else go into crazy-trash bag mode? I start throwing things out like crazy!

This Christmas I hosted my very first holiday dinner and felt so very adult. Although it was hectic and we ended up having the missionaries join us at the last minute. Someday I will have a large dining room, loads and loads of matching dinnerware and space to really host a fancy dinner. In the meantime we made it work! It was really awesome to have my family and Jared's mom (his dad was sick) over to our home.

I woke up at 7 listening to Grey peeking through the stockings. Cute little guy didn't even notice the extra presents under the tree. I came out and he thought he was in trouble for peeking. I told him it was okay and that he could open it. And he started jumping around laughing saying, "Look mom, I got a new toothbrush!!!" It made me smile that he was so excited and grateful for a little toothbrush. Then he grabbed his two presents that had been under the tree previously and he was ready to open his TWO presents. He was so excited thinking that he got two presents. How do I keep that attitude going through the years? He really is such a sweetheart. I learn so much from these sweet kids. I am grateful for them constantly!

We had a wonderful morning with our little family gifts and our traditional cinnamon rolls. I absolutely loved having Christmas on Sunday this year. It was perfect in the midst of the busy festivities to stop and focus on our Savior. My mom, stepdad, brother and girlfriend came to church with us making it even more special. If only my little sister could have been here...

Elise was not very interested in opening presents after the stockings. Especially after she found her Cinderella pez. She just kept stuffing her face with whatever treats she could find.

Cole had a nice haul too-thanks to all our family! He only got one present from us--and it is really more for my convenience.

Opening the gifts from Grandma Laura & Grandpa Dave

Elise loving on her Uncle Bryan

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Jason and Heather said...

I wish I was there too!! Sad! Elise's hair in the second picture is hilarious! :) And Cole...oh the cuteness of that little love. Grey is so sweet, definitely just like his mom!