Learning to ski!

Jared took Grey skiing for the first time this week. I hate not being able to go to everything--but grateful for pictures so I can be a proud momma. Jared used a harness to help him down the mountain and Grey was ready by the end of the day to go all by himself. He absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go again.
On the chairlift with Jared

So excited to get going!

Warming up in the lodge with lunch and hot chocolate

I am not going to lie... I did not leave the condo from Monday afternoon until Wednesday night when we came home. It was wonderfully lazy after a crazy month!

There was a lot of this


and this

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Jason and Heather said...

I'm so proud of Grey! When did he get so big!?! The toe sucking...hmm...apparently both our children love to suck feet.