Little Fish

When the kids came to me looking like this:

I figured I needed to figure out a way to get some swimming in--even with my restrictions. I probably push it too much but they kids make me INSANE when we are all stuck at home all the time. So I took them to the kiddie pool and was able to sit on a chair pretty much the whole time. It wore them out and we all went home to take naps. It worked out perfectly! And it was so refreshing to be able to get outside and do something.
Side note--I was given the green light for a little bit of walking. So now I can go grocery shopping and take the kids more places as long as I'm not lifting. Still no vacuuming, lifting groceries or laundry baskets for me--sorry Jared! They said when I go back for my next appointment (Monday) they will probably lift more restrictions since I am getting so close. YAY! I might have freedom back.


Dane Pearce said...

Such cute kids!! And my goodness you look great. You are all belly! I hate bed rest- I can totally feel your pain. It's so hard to have young kids and have to lay around. You are almost there though! I also hear ya on the Sundays thins. Been there and done that- lots of time. I feel like my hands are always really full. But I am SO thankful, but it is still hard some days. Can't wait to see your #3!!

Dane Pearce said...

oops, sorry- This is arianne. I forgot to sign out as Daner!

Angela Henderson said...

That picture with the googles is so cute! The look on their faces is memorable. Brielle had the same swimsuit. I loved it!