The title should read "Our wonderful mountain getaway..." Unfortunately the day before we were supposed to go to the mountains for a week, the doctor said, "No way." It is way too risky in my situation--I am at a high risk for my water breaking early apparently. So we had to change our plans and decided to still make it a vacation, but at home. We didn't tell many people we were here because part of a vacation is not having to go anywhere or do anything. It was awesome! We did so many fun family things and had a blast together. It was the perfect way to spend time together before our family has some big changes again soon.

Some highlights of our staycation:

Dinner & s'mores in the backyard

Buying ukeleles for Jared & Grey to have a Daddy/G band
Walks to the park

Lots and lots of naps and reading

Playing dress-up with Elise (mostly me just trying new things with her hair and letting her try on my jewelry)

A day trip to Colorado Springs:
--Seven Falls, feeding trout, and a picnic in the canyon
(pretty canyon, but the falls were PATHETIC - do not waste your time or money!)
--Manitou Springs to play at the arcade and eat ice cream--

Cashing in my birthday money for a 90-minute heavenly massage

A day at the Splash in Golden (AMAZING!!)


Angela Henderson said...

How fun a staycation! Elise's smile is so cute. And thanks for pionting out the waterfall, it is more of a trickle. And you look great BTW. Wow!

Arianne Pearce said...

So fun! You are always so good at making the best of situations!