On Saturday Jared & I went met up with my mom & step-dad on a long (250 mile) motorcycle ride. THANK YOU grandma joanne for watching Greyden!!! I rode on the back of Jared's sportster half the time and the back of Dave's Goldwing the other half. My mom drove her own! What a woman!!! I'm so proud of her for learning how to drive one. Check out how cool they all look! I really need to learn how to drive a motorcycle so I can get some matching leathers. :)It was such an amazing ride. We went out hwy 285 to fairplay and looped around south to Colorado Springs and back up towards Denver. It was so relaxing and fun! Come on Dave & Carrie... don't you want to join our motorcycle gang?


Jared said...

No one looks cooler in goggles and a speed-racer helmet than ROD! And no one looks sexier in a pink helmet than Christina!!

Dave said...

Yes. We do want to join the club. I am so jealous. See Carrie look at all the quality time we could be spending together.

Although I would have come up with a cool nickname like Rod's.

dave said...


Rod is always looking good.

jared w said...

i bow to the greater sexual appeal of HOT ROD...great photo, dave. classic

carrie said...


Thanks for taking me on a spin tonight. Just like a good drug dealer you gave me a rush...and left me wanting more.

You guys are the best. We love you!