Happy Birthday P!!!

Happy Birthday to the best sister, aunt and friend!

Some of my favorite things about p:
1. She wanted a carnival birthday party this year complete with cotton candy, midget clowns, and a jumping castle.
2. She might have more pictures of G around her office than I do.
3. She is passionate about travel and will do just about anything to go anywhere.
4. She is my fashion guru and is daring enough to try all the new things.
5. She puts up with my extreme competetiveness even when I throw uno cards at her. (note: it has been years since that has happened)
6. She helps me come up with all kinds of wild ideas like pouring water down our driveway in the winter to sled down it on trash bags. (again: it has been years... sorry Dave)
7. She has always been my favorite travel buddy. We used to hold hands at takeoff. I miss those times!
8. She is even more beautiful on the inside--if that is even possible.
9. She wants to go clubbing just to see what all the fuss is about.
10. I could go on and on, but I will stop here. She is my BEST friend and I am so lucky to have her as my sister. I love you Heathbar crunch crunch peepiters.


TippettsFam said...

so great you have such a fantastic sister. you two look so happy together... and almost identical!!! makes me want a sister for elle even more. too bad the tippetts baby factory is closed for business!

Sissy P said...

Oh you totally made me have mini tears ut really they were large tears!!!!!!!!!!!! P, you are just the best and I totally have the best sister ever! I LOVE YOU!!!

p.s. Carnival birthday party - August 27, 2008!

Joanne said...

Christina, you are amazing!! What a fun tribute to a sister. Wish I would have had one, you both are SO lucky to have each other.
Happy Birthday Heather!!!