Quick Getaway

We just got back from a quick getaway to the mountains. It was very welcome after this heat wave we have had in Denver. We had a blast and did a ton of fun things, but I am pretty exhausted--Cole was quite difficult. He woke up between 5-6 am for the day after being up multiple times in the night and was so tired that he screamed and cried most of the days. Or he was terrorizing everything in the place. But we definitely made some fun memories and had some much-needed family quality time. And I didn't do my hair or put on makeup for four days. Those are the best kinds of vacations.

A kid-free bike ride to Frisco!!

Renting paddle boats in Keystone

 Feeding the fish & ducks

Swimming at the rec center & accidentally sending Elise down the slide head-first
She may never forgive us...

Two concerts in Dillon

Skipping stones at the lake

Hiking Mayflower Creek (4 miles --2 uphill-- and the kids did AWESOME!)
It ended at some fun mining ruins the kids liked exploring

And lastly renting a speedboat--the kids took driving very seriously

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