He's ONE

A lot of changes in one year:
 He would not stay still or look at me at all
When my kids turn one, it is more of a celebration for me! I am so happy to be done with that first year. It is so hard for me--and especially for Jared. Lack of sleep + loud screaming baby=depression, exhaustion, constant guilt and a lot of crankiness. So YAY!! We have three kids that have made it past one.

Cole has just figured out walking and he is ready to RUN. He almost has his first two teeth popping through--yes that is correct--first teeth. He loves every kind of food I give him and he doesn't even have teeth to chew it. He is obsessed with balls--and squeals with delight when he sees round produce at the grocery store that could be used as a ball. He can spot them a mile away! He also really loves to shred up and eat tissue, toilet paper, paper, etc. especially ones in the trash can that have probably been used. Ugh. He love, love, loves his big brother and big sister. He giggles and squeals whenever he hears their voices.

Poor third child--we may have celebrated his first birthday with Elise's rainbow party. At least I didn't put pink frosting on his cupcake. He wasn't quite sure what to do with the singing and as you can see went for the lit candle toward the end.
Cole was not enthusiastic about the chocolate cupcake. This kid will eat anything, so I am a little surprised. Must have been the pressure.

Right after I took this picture, he started chucking chocolate cupcake all over the floor for the dogs.

Wow I love this boy. I am so lucky to be his mother and so thankful to have him in our little family. Happy Birthday sweet baby Cole train.


Anonymous said...

My favorite part was when you celebrated that you had three children that made it past one year old. Too funny. I think kids are meant to test us. =)

Becky said...

Your kids are growing up so fast!! And they are so adorable!!! :)

Jason and Heather said...

Yay for getting past the first year! Words from a wise woman (YOU), it just keeps getting better. :) I love Cole and the whole Wandry gang for that matter. Allie just clapped while we watched the video! And now she is waving...she loves you guys!