Two months in two seconds

Can I just say that three young kids at home will knock your socks off! There rarely a moment that someone isn't arguing, crying or needing their nose or bottom wiped. Needless to say, I have gotten TWO months behind on my blog. Since this is my only family journal, I hate to miss anything. So enjoy the overload of terrible iphone pics from our last two months:

Valentine's chocolates and stuffed animals from Grandma Jo
Elise adores "her baby"

Lots and lots of hanging around at Grey's swim lessons
 Grey loves to set up and read to Cole
Elise's baby riding Porter--what a patient dog 
This is what Elise's hair looks like before I do it--poor girl takes after her mama
 Grey takes Cole for rides on his 4-wheeler
 Movie time in our bed
 Trying on daddy's hat and gloves
Sleepy Cole grocery shopping 
 Cole now crawls
And bear crawls 
And likes to sit in the bath now with Grey & Elise


Jason and Heather said...

All of the pictures aren't working on my iPad so I'll have to look on the computer but I just had to say I LOVE Grey and Elise's giant smiles in the first picture. Cracks me up. And you are gorgeous, of course!

Jason and Heather said...

Elise's hair. Oh. wow.