We had plans to go to the mountains until we heard the forecast. We decided that with the insane amounts of snow forecasted that we wanted to be homebound with hot chocolate & homemade cookies and enjoy the blizzard. I did make a quick trip before the snow to load up on all the fixings of a huge breakfast with orange juice, french toast, bacon, eggs and hash browns. We LOVE our snow days. It snowed from Thursday evening through Saturday mid-day. I am not sure how much we officially got, but it was a lot!

sNoW fUn!

Catching snowflakes on our tongues
(she obviously didn't get any)

Making snow angels

Lots & lots of shoveling

Throwing snow
(Grey's face is priceless--I could not stop laughing)

Building a sledding hill in the back yard

Oh and of course sledding at the end of our block a few times

I had a little extra time at home, so I made this video. Enjoy!


Jason and Heather said...

And...that video made me cry. No surprises there. It made me fast forward our lives in my mind and imagine all of our kids all grown up, way too fast! Guess I'm still feeling a bit hormonal and emotional. I would have cried more out of loneliness for your loves except I get to see them and squeeze them NEXT WEEK! I'm so jealous of your snow, by the way. So so jealous!

Arianne Pearce said...

I love snow days too... only ours are far and few between. If it rains here I feel like bunkering down. You sure have cute kiddos!