Eight Months

8 months old

Hard to believe we are 8 months into this third baby thing and I still feel totally out of control. I always feel like I should be back to normal faster than it actually takes me. Cole is still not sleeping at night. at all. I am exhausted. I love this kid more than anything during the day, but when night comes again I am convinced he will be our last child. I have been staying home during the day to get him napping in his crib. I let him cry, cry and cry day and night to go to sleep and stay asleep. White noise, blankets, heaters, large amounts of food at dinner, everything... not working yet. But then I looked back at my journal and learned neither Elise nor Grey slept through the night at this point yet. I know it will come someday!

But how could I not love this grin? He laughs and giggles at everything... especially his big brother and sister. Elise thinks Cole is her baby and tells me so often.
Cole still has no teeth, but the poor kid seems like he has been teething for months. They are all going to hit at once I'm sure. He really is a little trooper and loves getting toted around wherever we go. He is happy to be out and about or to be sitting at home playing with toys. He is a really easy-going child--by day. He is such a wonderful part of our family. We adore him!
It is really strange to think this could possibly be our last child and possibly the last time we go through these stages. Always bittersweet... But I will focus on today and soak it all up! Love, love, love this boy!!!

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Jason and Heather said...

Are you kidding me?!? What the cuteness! A Hawaiian shirt, I love it! And that face, oh my!

p.s. Sleep? What's that word?