I am often so overwhelmed by Grey's sweet spirit. He is so sensitive and loving. And he makes me smile a lot. I try to soak up all the snuggles he gives me because I know someday he won't be so quick to jump on my lap and kiss my cheeks.

I took the kids to a pet shop to look at the animals for fun. Grey quickly found himself attached to this sweet little daschund. He had little tears in his eyes the whole way home and the rest of the day because he missed this puppy so much. He wanted me to take a picture for him to remember the puppy.

Grey & I were talking about the Holy Ghost on the way home from church and I asked him what helps him feel the Holy Ghost. His response: I feel the Holy Ghost when I go to Dairy Queen. I smiled, explained it and talked about it some more. His response: I feel the Holy Ghost when I go to bed. Hmmmm.... guess he was not quite getting it. Then he told me, "Mom, I feel the Holy Ghost when you are mad at me. When I am sad, He tries to make me happy."

Another time, he went to a birthday party. Here was the conversation when he got home:
Me: How was the party? Did you have a good time?
Grey: Yes. But, they didn't feed me lunch.
Me: Really? Didn't you have pizza?
Grey: Yes.
Me: That was your lunch.
Grey: REALLY?!! I thought that was just part of the treats.


And the last cute thing more recently was when I told him he could watch a show at 2:30. I left to change Cole's diaper and came out to find him waiting patiently.

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Jenn said...

So sweet! What a lucky mama you are to have such a sweet little prince!