Aunt P comes to visit

My sister and sweet Baby Allie came to visit us for a whole week in February. It was wonderful and as always, makes me miss them even more if that is possible. Why can't Portland be closer???

She got here and we went straight up to the mountains with my mom for a girl/kids trip. As always, we spent some time at the rec center swimming. I was pretty excited to be a part of Allie's first time swimming--although I have no pictures of her because Heather needs to get them to me (hint, hint).

We also ate way too much, napped a little bit and talked, talked, talked.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have my family. After we got back in town, we had a family party with a few aunts, uncles and extended family. Then another family dinner Sunday. We got to go visit my sweet grandma. My dad just recently moved her out to a home in Parker and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have her close!

Monday my mom & I surprised Heather with a facial and Jared took all of the kids. He did awesome and I was surprised he wanted to do it. Look how happy the babies are!

Tuesday (her last day-sad) we went to the aquarium. I knew Allie would love it and she did! Grey & Elise were so excited to get their faces painted--and Heather was excited (and kind of freaking out) about feeding the sting rays. We always love going to the play place afterwards and were lucky to have it to ourselves--since we had to feed our babies.
When Heather left, Grey snuck this note in her bag and then cried the rest of the day. We sure miss them. (translation: I don't want you to go because I love you. Bye Allie and Heather) The back of the note had a picture of a crying Greyden and an airplane.

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Jason and Heather said...

Notice how you only have a picture of mom napping? Um, yeah. I miss you. And then some!! Allie misses you and her cousins too. We need to come back ASAP! Also, I'm such a wuss. :)