Planting Seeds

We are finally (hopefully) over the freezes here. Come on spring... I had started some tomatoes and peppers a while back from seed and they were starting to wither from lack of space and enough soil. Jared built me a lovely raised garden with a drip line and a small fence to hopefully keep the dogs out this time. Last time I planted my garden in the corner and watched the dogs pee all over my pretty zucchini plant. That was the end of the growing season for me!

Grey has loved watching our little tomato and pepper seeds become plants. So I had him help me with the rest of the planting in the actual garden. It will be fun if I don't kill them and actually get food from it this summer. Wish me luck!


leslie said...

yaayy for warm weather! finally.. maybe. hopefully... :) what a great garden space!! ours is about 1/3 of that.

Rachel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM he is so cute!