One more left

Around 1983

One more year of my twenties that is. Today I turned 29! The day could not have been more perfect, but my mood for the last few months--not so much. This has been a hard age for me. It might be more the fact that I have two kids and I am living the part of my life I looked forward to the most for so long. Kind of like when Christmas Day is almost over... Or that I'm starting to really notice the wrinkled, dry hands and spotty skin on my face. Oh-or my balding hair that is still terrible from having Elise. I'm talking serious bald spots. Or the aches and pains that are apparently only just starting! I really, really want to be the kind of person that is excited about getting into my thirties. So I guess I have a year to change my bad attitude around!

I will stop whining now because I know it isn't THAT old. :) Plus I did have a wonderful day. My step-dad came and watched the kids while my mom took me for a delightful pedicure. Why don't I do that more often?!! Then we all went to lunch at Cafe Rio. *bonus: I filled my card up so the next salad is free!* I can't remember what I did the rest of the afternoon. I did however refuse to do any laundry or cleaning. Then I got ready for my surprise date with Jared. He wouldn't tell me where we were going but to dress up. I love surprises!!! He took me to Del Frisco's for an amazing steak dinner involving steaming bread, blue cheese wedge salads, mashed potatoes and the free jelly beans we kept scooping out by the front door. Oh my hubby knows me all too well. It was so nice to have some alone time with him and to feel like Christina and not Mom for a couple hours. He is so good to me!

I guess growing up is hard because I am realizing how quickly life goes. It feels like if I blink, I am going to miss it! Having kids accentuates this "can't catch up to life" feeling. They grow so quickly and now I am getting close to the age that I remember my MOTHER at which is really strange.

Apparently I am getting wordy in my old age. ;) I will leave you with the only picture I took on my birthday to email my sis!


Sarah said...

Happy birthday! Words cannot express how much I am loving a blue cheese wedge salad right now. And by the way, I absolutely loved turning 30, and so far am loving being IN my 30s. I'm super grown up and mature.

Wandry Words said...

You look amazing....You ARE amazing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I realize I'm not such a thinker because even turning 40 didn't ruffle my feathers. Hehe

Charitons said...

You look gorgeous as aalways and I haven't noticed any bald spots! I think you are getting more beautiful with age comes wisdom, more love, and life experience.