80th Birthday (part 2)

I am sure I made everyone bored with that last post besides my family--but hang on for one more post to finish out our fabulous weekend.

Saturday morning, my lovely aunts hosted a lingerie shower for my cousin that is getting married next month. It was so much fun to have just the girls together. She got some pretty fun stuff... (wink, wink)
Little Brenna enjoyed the gifts too. ;)
Emily (the bride-to-be) and Jess

Caitlin, Mindy and Auntie Colleen

Aunt Kathlyn and Grandma
Grandma had us giggling a bit too...

Grandma, Sarah, Emily, Jess & Brenna, Aunt Gloria

Elise & Christina

All of the girls

After the shower, the whole family met up for more food, a quiz on my grandpa's life and a slideshow.

My grandparents with their five children
Mike, Kathlyn, Laura, Colleen, Shaun

It was an amazing weekend and I am so glad we were able to be there. We sure missed the family members that weren't able to make it! But I am pushing for a beach reunion summer 2011--who is in? :)


Charitons said...

We are! Love the pictures. thank you for this fun post! Get together this week?

carrie said...

That pictures of you and Elise is SO CUTE! You both look BEAUTIFUL!