I am really excited about this... so I apologize if I bore you! But I thought I would share with those that are interested...

In an effort to make my life a little easier I have decided to buy diapers off diapers.com. I typically buy the huge box of huggies at Sam's Club or Costco. But the prices online seem comparable and quite a bit less in some cases. If you place an order over $50 you get free shipping.

Soooo... long story short. I have a referral code and if you use it, you get $10 off your first order and $5 off your second order. Plus then I get $10 off! With those discounts it is quite a bit cheaper than it would be for you to buy them at the store. And you don't have the deal with the hassle of driving and shopping with little munchkins.

Enter CHRI400885 when you check out if you want to give it a try.

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Pammerscush said...

I have been considering trying this! count me in! I will use your referral code. thanks for taking the plunge first!