Tuesday Mornings

Tuesday Morning Joys:

waking up eArLy to lots of snow

getting everyone eXcITeD about it
(I am like a little kid on Christmas Morning when it snows!)

running back to bed for a few more sNuGgLEs

bUnDLiNg up the whole family to shovel

It is the first time it has snowed enough to whip out the shovels again. We are a strange family and actually love the snow. BRING IT ON! We all pile outside to "help" shovel. Help meaning we play in the snow while Jared does the real work. I couldn't resist buying the kiddie-sized shovel at Ace Hardware. It was so worth it to see Grey pushing his shovel around trying to copy Jared. 


Victoria said...

Oh he is so funny! I miss the snow! It never snows in Utah, and the occasional times that it may snow and inch or two everyone thinks the world is coming to an end.

Veda said...

The pictures are great! I hope there is snow when we are in Utah!

carrie said...

i totally agree - we do NOT get enough snow in denver!

The Benzons said...

Gottcha!! Glad I got to see your blog! It is so cute! You gotta show me how to do some things , that I have no clue haw to do!