Happy Birthday Lover

hApPy bIrThDaY

to my

cherry-chip cake eating,
back-to-back snuggling,
seinfeld watching,
sweet compliment giving,
dog (obsessed) loving,
triathlon & marathon goal-setting,
non-fiction book reading,
made-up song singing,
Grey tossing,


I am so blessed to have you as my husband. Happy birthday!


Jennifer said...

Hey! It's my husband's birthday too! We are totally the same.

Jared said...

That was sweet. Thanks babe! i like the made-up song singing!

Jared said...

by the way...that better be a photo of MY CAKE. :)

Collin said...

No, we are in the same place as last Christmas. On Elm St. We aren't gonna get around to cards this year.....SORRY! = )

Collin said...

P.S. This is Mandi!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday J!! I'm so glad that somebody else out there loves Cherry Chip cake as much as I do!!!