Let the Countdown Begin

I love the beginning of a new year. I like the fresh start that gives me an excuse to try anything and everything. For a moment I believe I can accomplish anything I want to try. I also love the possibilities of what may come in the year ahead.

Some things on my list for 2009...

Sucking up my laziness and potty-training

Using my new wheat grinder--and baking

Keeping up on exercise no matter what

Take Grey to do something fun once a week

A trip with Jared sans Grey (hint, hint)

Get up-to-date on my digi-scrapbooking

Organize some of those dreaded closets and drawers

So with my glass of sparking pear juice tonight, I will toast to all that 2009 will bring.

Happy New Year!


Nataluscious said...

I think we share many similar goals for 2009 ;). Though I must say I am happy as can be the potty-training isn't one of them. Good luck with that! Another one of mine is to have you guys up to hang out more often. Last year was too much work and travel - this year I've got to regain control!

Anonymous said...

I got a wheat grinder too. So exciting!!