Summer & Cheat Day

Happy Summer! One of my favorite things about summer is all of the fresh fruit. I have been loading up at Sunflower Market and putting fruit in and on everything I can think of!
Yesterday we had a church activity at the park. It was SO cute!!! Grey was still a little young, but had so much fun. It was the cutest activity to celebrate all the birthdays in primary. Jared has been doing Eating for Life/Strength for Life for three weeks now. He has been doing GREAT and I am so proud of him. He gets one cheat day a week and yesterday he really wanted Famous Dave's BBQ. So I drove 20 minutes each way to the closest one to pick up the "Feast for Two." It was MONSTROUS! I got it home and they hadn't given us BBQ sauce, which is the best part! So Jared ran out to Safeway and picked up a variety (3 kinds!) of sauces to try. The sad part is that we almost cleared the entire platter. Then thanks to Carrie, we needed two XL chocolate malts to top it off from Bonnie Brae Ice Cream. MMMMM! Yes, I am still a little sick thinking about it.


Jayme said...

Max LOVES Famous Dave's and I LOVE Sunflower Market. We should get together and do both at once. :)

Rachel said...

Hello hello:) Yes I am having a wonderful summer, ive done a lot of new fun exciting things. But for my birthday my dad is taking me to Joes Crab Shack for lunch, then I think my mom and I are getting our toes done, then we are seeing a movie. But I don't know what else we are doing. Saturday we having the big family party so ill get to see you then:). We need to hang out soon whats your summer like?
love ya!!!!

carrie said...

Oh my gosh - that feast for 2 is hilarious!

MMMMMMMMMMMM aren't the chocolate malts addictive? We are trying to keep it to 1 per week...if we get many more than that, I'll have to get a second job to fund this expensive habit!

Victoria said...

His hair is getting curly! Hes so cute! I would love to take some pictures of him when we are there! Hope you guys are doing great!

Tara said...

Hi Christina:

Firstly - Grey is looking so adorable and that food looks delicious to me right now.

Secondly - Jeff just told me you guys are coming out to visit. I am SO excited. I desperately need visitors out here!!! Jeff and I were just saying that it has been forever since Jeff has been able to spend any good time with Jared. Can't wait!!!

Love T