My getaway... Part 1

I hope I don't bore everyone with the next few posts. I have had some requests for every detail about the trip, so welcome to my tour...
Heather & I spent two nights in Barcelona in a cute little hostel with apricot trees in a courtyard out the back window. We didn't have towels because they cost 1E and we kept forgetting to get them when the lady was around. So we had to drip dry in the shared bathroom, put our clothes back on our wet bodies and run back to our room. Good memories...
Barcelona was full of sightseeing, frizzy hair from the humidity, late nights, shopping at H&M, and lots of (mostly) yummy food!
Some of our favorite foods... bread and cheap brie
I liked this door with all the graffiti
One of my favorite things about Europe is the buildings. Everything is so old! They designed things so beautifully and with so much intricacy. I am in awe as I wander every little street. I love the shutters. I love the lamp posts. I love the hundreds of years old buildings surrounding me.This is part of the roof of the Sagrada Familia (designed by Gaudi for you history buffs).
It is still under construction and is AMAZING!And outside of the churchThe main market in town was crazy! It was a maze full of every kind of edible thing imaginable. The meat and seafood stands kind of freaked me out. I watched a butcher using an electric saw to cut pigs feet (with skin) in half. We did buy some fresh coconut from the fruit stand.

We walked up through a park (again designed by Gaudi) that overlooked the city. It felt kind of like Central Park. It made us feel like we were miles away from everything. It has amazing buildings that look like something out of a fairytale. The last night in Barcelona my sister and I went on a tapas tour which is the thing to do there. You go around to a bunch of restaurants and eat appetizers. The food was amazing. We got things like greek salads, spinach croquettes, frittatas and breads. It was lots of fun. We finished our night off with ferrerra rocher gelato in homemade ice cream cones.


Jason and Heather said...

Oh NO! That was so fun!! Your pictures are awesome...I totally forgot about the towel situation. How funny!

Amy said...

how fun. Chad and I went to Madrid and Barcelona before we had Blake. Your pictures make me want to go back so bad! Did you try a spanish tortilla? That was my favorite food there.

Christina said...

Oh man! We missed the spanish tortillas. Maybe next time. :)