Random things

So I want to start out by reminding you to wash your veggies! Not only because of all the salmonella-ridden tomatoes, but I saw something at Target that made me scrub my veggies extra hard. I watched an employee walk by and pick up a head of broccoli that had been sitting on the nasty floor and put it back in the pile of produce to buy. UGH!!! I don't even want to think about what is on the bottom of peoples' shoes.I had Grey's cousin, Ryan, over last week and took a picture of the two of them snuggling up in my bed. It was so sweet. Don't they look like brothers? They definitely act like it. I love it!

Today Grey got really quiet so I went to go check on him. He had gotten into my purse and was sucking on a big square of chocolate and saying, "yum, yum." He was really happy about it until I took it away. I think this boy has a thing for chocolate. Remember this incident? and this one?


carrie said...

Oh man. I've been meaning to buy and startin using that veggie wash stuff - this will help convince me.

I love the picture of the two boys - so cute!

Amanda said...


Cute pics of the boys. I can't believe how big they're getting!