Marseille, France - Part 2

It rained ALL day in Marseille, so I didn't take my good camera nor did I take many pictures. We got there and my sister realized she had forgotten the umbrella and all the info on what to do in Marseille. Needless to say we didn't really know what to do once we got there. We found a metro station and stared at the map hoping something would pop out as interesting. Then we wandered back up to the Old Fishing Port and looked for something to do.
We came across the most touristy thing I have ever done in my life! But it was perfect for a rainy day with no clue as to what to do. We took a little tram up to a famous church. It played music for us and everything. The church was incredible!Notre Dame de la GardeAfter that we found some cheap umbrellas and wandered around town. I would not leave without a 'pain au chocolat' and I bought 4!

The old fishing port--you can see Notre Dame de la Garde in the center on the hilltopA view of Marseille and some islands including Chateau d'if (an old prison on an island)

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