Palermo, Italy - Part 4

The day in Palermo was very interesting. We shared a taxi with some friends we met to see a few things in the city. They suggested the catacombs and said it was like a tomb. I was shocked when I walked down the stairs to find thousands of mummifed corpses hanging from the walls with no glass or anything. I could have touched them. It was CRAZY!!! Some still had hair and teeth. There were children as well, which was extra creepy. I tried taking pictures, but I had to be sneaky and they turned out really blurry.We had a taxi driver that kept waiting for us and trying to give us a tour of the city. We told him no and to take us to the cathedral. Well, he took us on a tour of parts of the city anyways and charged us more. Surprise, surprise. I kind of figured that would happen every time he pointed a new place out. The history in Palermo was amazing. It is very close to Africa and has a lot of interesting cultures mixed together. We went to a tiny chapel that dates back to the 1100's.
The floor inside the chapelRight next to this chapel was an incredible cathedral. I love all the mosaics and murals on ceilings, floors, walls... everywhere. They really took pride in their work.After our taxi-guided tour, Heather & I made an attempt to get on a bus to the beach. It was disastrous! The city was so chaotic and stressful and we couldn't figure out how to buy the stupid ticket. So we went back to the ship and sat at the pool. Much more relaxing anyways...

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