I have been a little busy with a new side project of mine. I created a blog focusing on everything I love besides my family! It is full of fashion, health & fitness, beauty and recipes. The blog is phase one of my end goal which is an online clothing boutique. I am going to start small with a few pieces and build from there. The website is www.spinninginheels.com if you are interested to check it out. I am sure having fun with it.

Which in turn has caused some negligence on this blog. Does anyone read this anymore anyways? If not, at least my kids love looking at it.

October started off with General Conference--our favorite part of the season. We eat delicious cinnamon rolls and lots of treats as we listen to our prophet and others teach and uplift us. The kids really do great (surprisingly) as long as we have our little tent and Bingo set up.

Jared & Grey went to an Avs game and sat in the very, very back

I am the Bear Cub Scouts leader and got to take my scout boys as well as my own boys on a fire station tour. It was really cool!

We enjoyed the beautiful fall weather at the zoo and had to leave abruptly when Vanessa had an explosion that soaked throughout her car seat and up and down her clothes. It was awful.

High School football games are the best--cheap and close. We knew Grey would love it but Elise loved it especially because of the dancers and color guard.

More amazing fall weather = lots of family walks along the canal. Can you spot the kids??

In other news.... Cole is giving up his nap but really isn't ready. I keep finding him passed out places.

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