Vanessa is 6 months old! She truly is our little angel baby. She brightens up our whole world. This has been the fastest six months because she is such a gem. Don't get me wrong... having a baby is exhausting and I am barely hanging on most days. But she eases the burden with her grin that lights up the room and her sweetness. She is just a special little spirit that Heavenly Father sent to us.

Look at this face!

She LOVES being around people whether it is me or the other kids. I notice the days that Grey & Elise are both in school all day, she gets kind of cranky and bored. She really likes observing all the commotion. Plus they adore her and love to hold her and play with her. She is spoiled rotten by all of us. She still sleeps in our room because she is so quiet and only wakes up once (sometimes not at all). And knowing she is our last, I am savoring it and really enjoying the snuggles--although I don't bring her into bed until 5 or 6 am.

She is rolling really well onto her stomach and can roll back onto her back but doesn't realize it. So she will get stuck there and get mad. It has been going on a little too long.... She just started sitting up barely. I don't trust leaving her there but she is really strong. She loves to suck on her thumb. It really is precious--although sometimes she forgets about it and gets so mad. She will start sucking on it when she is tired or hungry. She also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. She will suck on your shirt, your toes or anything she can find. If I bring her into the bathroom while I shower, I often find her rolled over and sucking on the tag of our bath mat (yuck). She wakes up smiling and cooing!

She has been a fantastic sleeper since day 1 and we are so grateful for that. I really don't think I would have survived it if it weren't for that. Four kids is a lot.

She is strong and healthy! Dr office stats: 26.5 in long (79%) and 15 lb 9 oz (43%) with head size 16.5 (35%).

I started her on food. First foods: Oatmeal, Peas, Butternut Squash. So far so good! She is messy but loves eating.

Vanessa is truly a gift in our home. So lucky to have her in our family.

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