Greyden's Baptism

What an incredible experience. It was stressful leading up to it since I have never planned one before, but once it started I could sit back and enjoy the wonderful ordinance of my sweet boy. We have been talking about his decision to be baptized and confirmed for so long. A couple months ago, he started panicking and wondering if he had a testimony and if Jesus actually exists. He felt anxious and overwhelmed by it all.  I sat him down and told him that it is 100% his decision--I stopped planning until he told me he wanted to do it. I asked him to give it a couple days, pray about the choice and get back to me. After a day or two, he told me he prayed about it and felt like it was the right thing to do and that he wanted to be baptized but he still felt nervous. He continued to pray every single day to not feel scared about it. Finally about two days before, he told me he was excited and that he wasn't nervous anymore. I love that he continued with such sweet faith even when it scared him a little bit. And afterwards he was wondering why he was scared in the first place. Isn't that like everything in life?

I will never forget the powerful spirit I felt and the testimony that filled my heart confirming that this is Christ's church and that Greyden is on the right path. I will also always have his peaceful, beaming grin engrained in my mind forever. He told me that when he came up out of the water he felt so good. He felt refreshed and wonderful. He knew he made the right choice and felt the spirit strongly. I love that God's plan includes such amazing experiences for young children to be able to learn and grow and feel the power of the Holy Ghost. It reaffirms my faith to have a child go through this. It reminds me of the sweet and simple truths of the gospel. It is a gospel of constant love and continual forgiveness.
Before the Baptism in their awesome white jumpsuits
Daddy & Greyden

After the Baptism & Confirmation
Happy & looking very grown up

 Grandpa Dale & Grey
 Grey with Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dean
Grey is trying to be as tall as Grandma and is close to succeeding
 Grey with Grandma Laura & Grandpa Dave
 I should have tried to get a picture before the Baptism and loads of cookies. Elise kept trying to do her passé and Cole was zoned. This was the best we got.

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Chera said...

Wow, I can't believe he is 8! Everyone looks great! And, good luck on your Spinning in Heels endeavors :)