Just before Halloween we got together with our neighbors and carved pumpkins. Cooper lives across the street and up a couple houses and Alex lives on the other side of the circle. Elise kind of loves being the only girl at these things--Grey hates it. I missed most of it because I put Vanessa in her bumbo which in turn encouraged her to have a massive blow out.

School parties:
It was honestly really nice to break up the parties and not have to stay at one party for the entire time. :) They were really cute, but I don't think Grey cared too much if I was there and I felt in the way most of the time. But I love seeing my kiddos in their classrooms and with friends.

 We went trick-or-treating with a group from our ward that live nearby. Elise changed from Cinderella to Snow White, Grey was a Lacrosse player, Cole a spider and Vanessa a ladybug. Grey wouldn't tell me what he was going to be for Halloween. He wanted to create it all on his own. I thought that was awesome--and I was pleased with what it turned out to be and not something totally strange. Cole has been begging to be a spider for months so I got creative and made him the best spider I could with my limited talents.
 Part of the group
 And this girl because it makes me smile.

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