Summer Fun

Summer is over... And why is it that I feel guilty about not doing as much as I wanted to with the kids?!! It completely wore me out. I just hope my kids have great memories! And I feel guilty that I am ready for  school to start so I can get a little break. Well here are some fun things we have been doing as summer came to a close.

As much swimming as I could handle with three non-swimmers

 Being exhausted and falling asleep in strange places (like the back porch step and on a chair)

And another thing that comes with exhaustion: lots of tears. Elise somehow fell off her chair and yogurt flew everywhere. Before I completely panicked about yogurt all over and under the couch, table, rugs--I took a pic. She was too hilarious.

Lots of hanging out at Elise's soccer and Grey's baseball

V became a thumb sucker which is the most amazing thing right now (hoping I don't curse it in a few years)

Walks to the park (they take turns walking the dog)

And one of these because my kids look like this every night at bed time. Makes me smile!

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