Happy Birthday Mom

My sister happened to be in town over my mom's birthday so we were able to spend the day together swimming and playing and then have a little celebration for her. The cake I made was a disaster and falling apart. It was hilarious. But we were together and that's what matters I guess... :)
 They love their grandma--don't mind the naked, crying, pouting kids...
 My mom was a little nervous about Grey lighting her candles

I LOVED having my sister here. I hate having her so far away but absolutely love the time we do have together.

The babies meet each other! Ryan & Vanessa
They were supposed to be 7 weeks apart but we think they missed each other because V came late and R early so they are just over three weeks apart.
 Allie with "baby Nessa"
 My beautiful sister and cutest little man
 One day was spent at the Children's Museum--Grey played with the bubbles for a loooong time. And I let him skip school. hehehe
 Heather & I ran the Hit & Run 5K. Terrible picture--but proof we did it! It was a blast but SOOOO hot.

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