Family Reunion

We had a family reunion/getaway with Jared's family up in Dillon. It was really fun because we rented the condos that they always stayed at growing up as kids. The first two days rained and were freezing! But then the sun came out and we got some play time in as well. I am lucky to be a part of their wonderful family.
Lots of games on the lawn with cousins
 Thank goodness for the rec center on a pouring rain day. We LOVED the hot tub
 Jared & Elise in the Breck gondola
 Me with my boy
We saw a deer in the meadow on the way up and a HUGE MOOSE on the ride down. So cool!
We went to the Breck Fun Park one day
Elise & Addie waiting for the roller coaster 
 Jared teaching Cole how to putt-putt. He lasted about three holes.
Taking my Cole train up the chair lift for the alpine slide 
Grey with Aunt Cindy
This might be the only time I saw him all day. He was off with the cousins 

Such great memories together we will cherish.

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