4 Months

Our sweet Vanessa is 4 months. Jared and I always say that could have been a hard four months and she has just made it so easy and wonderful. She is truly our little angel. Such a blessing. She LOVES her thumb and will roll onto her side, suck her thumb and go to sleep. What?!! She makes lots of fun noises and has definitely found her voice. She loves mirrors, toys, and her siblings. No one can make her smile as big as the other three kiddos. Sometimes Cole scares her a little (as evidenced below) or hurts her. He gets in trouble a lot....

We just adore this girl and are so grateful to have her in our family even if we can't fit in normal sized cars or look ridiculous on our family walks. :)

Head 39.8 cm (30%)
Length 25 in (75%)
Weight 13 lbs 11 oz (45%)

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