Poor baby Vanessa ended up in the hospital at just FIVE weeks old. Cole had a virus with a runny nose and a fever. I did all I could to keep him away from Vanessa but he kept grabbing her binky and face and everything in sight. Needless to say, she caught the bug. I feel so bad but I kept waiting and waiting hoping she would get better. She was sleeping a lot and not eating much. She had a stuffy, runny nose for a few days. By Friday I noticed she wasn't eating hardly at all and she would seem wheezy when she exhaled while trying to eat. Her cough seemed a little bit worse--more than just drainage. She didn't have a fever or anything so I kept going back and forth. Since it was a Friday, I decided to call and make an appointment just to be safe. Worst case I figured she might need a breathing treatment. 

Elise wanted to come to the appointment, so I brought her along not knowing what was in store. As soon as Vanessa started being monitored, the nurse and doctor were not happy with her stats. She was sucking in on her ribs and neck to breathe--which now I know what it looks like. They gave her a breathing treatment but that didn't do anything. They did a quick test and she was positive for RSV. While still monitoring, V's oxygen dropped into the upper 70's and the nurse pretty much panicked but didn't want to show it in front of us. She ran out to get the doctor and they called the hospital and walked us over with the oxygen to her face. They wouldn't let me take it away from her face for even a second. I was trying to remember all the little babies I knew who had RSV and turned out just fine. :) Poor Elise had no idea she would be hanging out all afternoon but was such a trooper.

Vanessa & I stayed at the hospital from Friday through Sunday. It was a little exhausting but so glad it wasn't any worse. She was sent home with the oxygen for a few more days but quickly improved. Thank goodness!

My sweet, patient Elise at the hospital waiting for Jared to bring dinner and take her home.

The sad baby pics...
 She was SO tiny in the huge bed
A tired mommy
 Happy to be headed home soon!
 And back at home with the new oxygen appendage (so annoying by the way...)

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