End of another school year

This school year came to a close pretty quickly with the new baby around. We hauled Vanessa around to all the end of the year parties and programs and she was amazing!

Grey (1st grade) - I sent him in a different shirt and he wore his BYU sweatshirt over it after our long discussion about it that morning! Also he requested the USA background

Elise (last year of preschool)

Cole (parent's day out)

Grey had field day which I completely forgot he needed a yellow shirt for. So I took him to school, ran to Target with the other three kids to buy the shirt, ran the shirt back to the school (carrying the three kids along with me) just in time as they were heading outside, then hurried to Elise's dance class which we ended up being almost half an hour late for and realized I forgot both tap and ballet shoes. It was a disaster morning. But we made it back to watch him for a couple of hours after dance.

Elise & Cole had a circus musical that was adorable. Cole was a "strong man" with a little mustache. I was laughing so hard at him I was almost crying.

And then Elise graduated from preschool which I am not going to lie... I cried. I want my kids to grow up but some days it feels way too fast! Especially since she has been in love with a boy in her class all year and talking about marrying him. AAAAH!

Next up--a second grader and kindergartner. Life changes so quickly!

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