One Month

This newborn experience with Vanessa has been unbelievably amazing. I have never had a baby quite like her. She sleeps, eats, smiles and sleeps some more. I just adore her and for once in my life actually enjoy the newborn stage. It is going to fast with her and I am just trying to soak it all up before she grows up. She has just been an absolute dream baby. Jared actually adores her and begs to hold her which is saying a lot--he struggles with the newborn phase. It does help that she really doesn't cry unless she needs something. And she sleeps! This baby has slept 4-5 hours at a time since she was born. I usually feed her before I go to bed and she wakes up once around 3:30 or 4 and then sleeps until morning. I never had that until at least six months with the other kids.

The kids love, love, love this girl. They try to hold her as much as possible and fight over who gets to give her kisses first. She is very loved! Can't get enough of her.
 We crack up about her big eyes. She is always very alert and looks surprised.

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