Prima Ballerina

Elise is three. I thought it was lame to put a three-year-old in dance until I had Elise. She begged to start dance since she could talk. I made her wait until she was three and I was still worried that she would be too young. But she has surprised me completely! Thank goodness, because the dance recital got to be pretty expensive. The recital was extra special because her favorite cousin, Addie, goes to the same dance studio and they got to dance the same night. They had aunts, cousins and their grandma come to watch them dance. Elise was cracking me up. She was acting all aloof and pretty much thought everyone there came to see just her. She showed me her flowers and yelled, "This is just like a wedding!" She also loves weddings.

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Jason and Heather said...

I am so in love with that little girl I can hardly stand it!