Children's Museum

First of all, I have the best sister in the world! She flew out to Denver with her almost 2-year old to help watch the kids while we were in Mexico. (And I have the best mom and sister-in-law for their help!!). She stayed a couple of extra days so we could play together. We spent hours at the Children's Museum and she & I may have had more fun than the kids if that is possible. She sure makes me laugh. Who knew they had a dance floor with hula hoops? And her husband is a cop so we took a lot of pictures to upset her husband with the firefighter gear.


Jason and Heather said...

Oh my goodness this makes me miss you! How have I not seen the hula hoop picture. Ha! Those were some good times. I love all of those tiny babes!

Pammerscush said...

Bwah ha ha! Looks like fun!