The Elise Saga...

We have been going through some drama with Elise lately which has been pretty terrifying. I worried myself sick--literally--as I sit here with a 101.6 degree temp and the humidifier running next to my bed.

For about a month (maybe more), Elise has been vomiting most everything from the day randomly in the middle of the night and having constant diarrhea. I went to our primary care who told us she probably has a food allergy and to cut out gluten and dairy. Um-okay-that is near impossible with a 3 year old. And little did I know gluten is not just in wheat--it is in barley, rye and triticale. So I dutifully went about learning & preparing gluten and dairy free meals for our family. It was completely exhausting and not helping her at all.

So we went to a Ped GI specialist who sent us for three tests - one of them after a big scare and a liquid diet for an entire weekend. We had a family fast and went back on Monday not finding the problem anymore. The dr did find that her intestines are blocked up with poop--lovely. We have been cleaning her out with lots of medications hoping that will relieve it. She is unfortunately still vomiting though. So we are waiting for the next appointment and to see how things go in the next couple of weeks. They haven't ruled out a food allergy or intolerance yet.

Oh and did I mention that she had croup during this ordeal. Watching your three year old crying, screaming and vomiting as she is trying to breathe is absolutely terrifying. My heart was pounding and I  admit I got my phone ready to call 911 thinking she would stop breathing. Oh and then trying to keep her from vomiting long enough to keep the steroid down to help her breathe. It is no wonder I am sick now. But the story continues and hopefully we will have good news in the next few weeks.

Excitedly waiting for her GF/DF lunch to cook
(so sorry to disappoint!)

 She was much better on the third go around. I didn't have to hold her down screaming this time.

 Waiting. Again. at the hospital


Becky said...

The poor little thing! My heart is breaking for you guys! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I will be fasting for you guys next week! All my love!!!

Shera said...

This same thing happened to my Grayden when he was 3 years old. It went on for about 6 weeks. We took him in and they ran tests and never found anything and it ended up resolving on its own. It was horrible. I hope you get some answers!! Poor girl. Good luck!!