Sissies Reunited

Thanks to my wonderful husband for taking over for 4 days (with a sick Elise I might add) so I could spend time in Portland with my sister, adorable niece and awesome cop brother-in-law. Minus a few meltdowns from worry/panic over Elise, it was WONDERFUL! I am thinking a road trip next summer with the kids is in order...

Friday started with a jog on a beautiful yet windy morning then peeking in the windows of Heather & Jason's first home they will close on in the next few weeks

My first Trader Joe's shopping trip (and learning brussel sprouts come on a stalk)

Dinner at Cartlandia -- a land of food carts -- I got the reuben crepe and Heather got a spaghetti & meatball sub
Lastly the absolutely best night of my life!! My ride-along with Cop Joey--I wore my gold cop badge and I made him laugh when I showed up at the station. Before we even shut the doors on the cop car to leave, we heard a couple insanely loud booms. We slammed the doors and he took off-crazy fast-as I was trying to buckle up and ended up buckling into his seatbelt. There was a bad car accident at a large intersection nearby and we pulled up as a man was crawling out the window of one of the smashed cars. Some guy had been high or drunk and ran a red light going almost double the speed limit--ran into multiple cars and was unconscious. It was AWESOME! And I only say that because no one innocent got hurt. :) After that we went searching for a 15 yr old drunk girl who wandered off from a party with an older guy then a few traffic stops and a noise complaint. We then saw a guy driving drunk and I got to see the entire process from the traffic stop through his booking and put in a cell then taken off to the station downtown. The booking room was very interesting and very busy on a Friday night--unfortunately a lot of drunk drivers including a 16 year old boy. Lastly we picked up a suicidal woman at her home and took her to the hospital. It was an extremely eventful night. I have even more respect and gratitude for police officers and the things they do to protect us from this other world. They truly keep us safe and protected as they put their own lives and safety on the line. Oh and I am afraid to go anywhere at night now with everyone drunk...

Even though I was going on 5 hours of sleep, we headed out first thing to see the gorgeous Portland temple

Wandered the PSU Farmer's Market then the Portland Market downtown

Finally a little salted caramel chocolate ice cream that I may have fed to Allie

Oh and a stop at Voodoo Donuts before heading back for naps
Why yes, that is a Maple Bacon Bar

Sunday we drove out to the coast to spend the day and oh was it stunning! We went to Seaside first where we ate lunch and then I accidentally fell asleep. We then walked a bit at Cannon Beach. Must return next summer for sure!

Monday before my flight we went to Multnomah Falls. It was freezing so we made it super fast. I think the beautiful pictures speak for themselves.

Missing you already P, Joey & Allie.


Jason and Heather said...

Oh no!! COME BACK! I miss you so much already. I'm already planning on you being here for the whole summer next year. Yes, I extended it. :) I love that picture of you sleeping on the beach with the seagull! Totally cracks me up! Also, you are clearly a photographer at heart. Your pictures are AMAZING. Thanks for such a fun filled weekend! We miss you!

Arianne Pearce said...

Ah- I know that feeling. I hate that my sister is so far away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE trips out to see her and I love to spend any time that we can together. It's especially fun now that she has kids because we have not only so much in common, but I love to see her little guys too. I love seeing her life and just being with my best friend. I am so happy that you got to go (sorry Elise was sick!). Hopefully you can take your fam out there next time!