Mommy G Date

I love getting one-on-one time with my kids. Grey earned a ticket to Elitch's through our library's summer reading program. We finally got our chance to go and I think October is the time to go. Short lines and no summer heat. Although the bloody clown with a chainsaw freaked G out a little bit.

We rode the light rail to up the fun!
(practicing our scared roller coaster faces)

He started out on a couple kiddie rides until I talked him into moving on to bigger & better things. He was so brave and went on everything that he was tall enough for. The only one he didn't love is the Twister 2--the wooden roller coasters are so bumpy.

He loved the fog machines. Can you find G?

We finished our evening on the ferris wheel looking out over Elitch's and Denver. Such a stunning view.

I really enjoy having a little friend--it is fun to have them grow up and enjoy things I enjoy as well. He was so grateful and hugged me saying "thank you" all night long. Those are the best moments in life. Ever.

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Becky said...

Such a good mama!!! :)