Fall at the Zoo

Now that Grey is in school (tears, so sad), it is time to do things for Elise. Before all her sickness (I will get to that in another post), I let her pick a place once a week that she would like to go. Grey was beside himself when he found out we went to the zoo without him--I had to remind him that he gets to do different things. Cole was a perfect participant and fell asleep in the car on the way, transferred to his stroller and slept half the time waking up happy. So I really got some good Elise time. And fall at the zoo is my favorite thing ever!

We caught the elephant show in the new exhibit--quite impressive

 I caved and bought her a huge bag of nasty popcorn--I can't resist that cute dimple when she smiles

 Loving all the things to point at and say, "Ooooooh." That is the extent of his language skills
 I think he may have wanted to eat Elise--or her popcorn--not sure which one

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