Our Little Monkey

These pictures say everything. This girl is so full of personality and spunk. I find her digging through the trash and chewing chewed-up gum way too frequently. She swats my hand away when I'm burping Cole so she can do it. She says "no" to absolutely everything even if I'm not even talking to her. But she gives the best snuggles and loves in the world. She adores her daddy and grandpas especially. Love this girl.

Side note: Taking these pictures (same as when I took Grey's) were the biggest nightmare. ever. I got locked inside of Wash Park trying to find a quick place to take pics. Found someone to unlock the gate. Then stuck in dead-stop traffic for 15 minutes by the fire station. All the while, Grey was whining about everything and Cole screamed like he was dying for 45 minutes straight. Finally I stopped in front of someone's house. I had the kids dressed and didn't want to attempt it again. I couldn't calm Cole down, so I took all the pictures with him in one arm screaming as people were walking by staring. Was not my finest moment.

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kimi + joe said...

Oh my, sorry about the side note but these photos are fantastic and hopefully well worth the hassle! She sure is a cute little monkey.