Fun, fun, fun

I have been filled with guilt for the amount of time a new baby takes away from the other two kids. So I have been trying to do fun things with them as much as possible. Some have turned out really fun--others not so much.

A family outing to the Aquarium. I love evenings at the Aquarium--so quiet and a little eerie.

The worst trip to the zoo. Ever. Including parking issues, waiting 10 minutes for the elevator, crying, whining, painful little girl shoes, grey's cold arms, mouse poop on our picnic table, and a baby blowout just to name a few things of our one whole hour at the zoo. Ending with myself holding back tears to get G to preschool on time. Good times. You really wouldn't know it from their cute smiles though.

Swimming at our friend's 98 degree pool. It was Cole's first time swimming and he LOVED it. Wish I got a picture of him. He just floated around and splashed in my arms. Grey was a jumping and swimming maniac. He has really gotten over his nervousness swimming. Elise floated around in a tube most the time.

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