Conference Weekend

Yes I am playing catch-up here. I look forward to conference every single time. It is so uplifting and preps me for the next six months. This last conference was so much fun. Grey is finally old enough to sit and listen. He sat through every session--except one when we had a friend over and the kids played. I was so proud of him and the comments he would make throughout. I'm sure the fort, homemade cinnamon rolls and bingo game with candy helped a little bit.
The talks, as ALWAYS, were amazing. A couple that stood out to me were Elaine Dalton's on dads raising daughters and Ian Ardern's on time (I liked listening to his awesome accent too!) I am so grateful for these inspired men and women who sacrifice so much of themselves to serve the Lord and to help guide us. They are amazing!

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kimi + joe said...

It certainly was a most uplifting weekend and I'm impressed Grey watched so much! I'm glad you've started these fun traditions with your family.