Blessing Day

We blessed Cole this past weekend. It was a wonderful day and we were so grateful to our wonderful friends and family that made the drive to be there with us.

Poor third child only got iphone pics and one hasty picture as everyone was leaving. Thank you Pam for reminding us to take a picture at all!

Fast asleep in Grandma's arms

The cute cake from my mom and stepdad

Only missing two from our family. And don't ask my why J looks all tan and I am as pasty-white as can be.

And a couple random, cute one's of Cole because he is adorable and started smiling and giggling. I love that kid. Terrible iphone pics...


Jason and Heather said...

He is SUCH a chunk! Those hands kill me! You look gorgeous, as always!

Charitons said...

How fun and he's so sweet! I'm glad you got a photo ; )